Grassroots Advocacy Network

What is the Grassroots Advocacy Network?

FYI Post It NoteThe Kansas Mental Health Coalition (KMHC) launched the Grassroots Advocacy Network in 2012 to expand the opportunities for mental health advocacy for Kansans.  We are inviting your participation to grow and expand this network of mental health and other disability advocates.

KMHC is a coalition of over 60 consumer and family advocacy organizations, provider associations, direct mental health service providers, pharmaceutical companies and others who share a common mission dedicated to improving the lives of Kansans with mental illnesses.

The Grassroots Advocacy Network: Kansas Voices for Mental Health is described in more detail in the downloadable project description. We are recruiting and training additional mental health and disability advocates from among consumers, family members, service providers and other interested persons to build a statewide network of Legislative District Advocates to influence public policy through their state and local elected officials.

Involvement with this project is also open to persons interested in supporting issues for the broader disability community.  The engagement of advocates through this project for persons with physical and intellectual disabilities as well as all other disability groups is being managed through the Big Tent Coalition.   

Advocates will establish relationships with their state and local elected officials and will receive key policy updates and action alerts.  They will partner with local organizations to expand the number of individuals who are contacting policymakers.  A position description for Legislative District Advocate outlines the expectations for individuals who will join the project.

All applicants for the Network will be invited to participate in Grassroots Advocacy Network activities upon signing off on the Commitment Form regardless of their ability to attend a training event.


Please be aware that this advocacy training is practice-based and requires that participants be willing to write and share experiences from their perspective as a consumer, family member, provider or advocate about mental illness and recovery or with living with another disability.

Download the application for participation in the Grassroots Advocacy Network.  Priority for the March 12th event will be given to individuals who can confirm by February 21st.    


Please consider whether this opportunity is for you and anyone else you may know who might consider being a part of the project.

Thank you for helping us to spread the word and to recruit individuals for the expansion of the Grassroots Advocacy Network.

Questions?  Contact Rick Cagan at 785-233-0755 or e-mail

March 12th Training Event Details

Resources are available to defray registration and travel costs as well as costs for meals and lodging for those who cannot otherwise afford to participate. Lunch will be provided for all participants at the March 12th event.

The March 12th training in Topeka will be a full day event from 9:30 am – 4:30 pm. Individuals will be notified about the specific location address upon receipt of their application to join the Network and confirmation to attend this training event.

Individuals coming to the training from more than 125 miles outside of Topeka can make arrangements for double occupancy overnight lodging on March 11th. Lodging will also be available for training participants who are staying over for Mental Health Advocacy Day on March 13th and who live too far to commute.

PRIORITY WILL BE GIVEN TO THOSE WHO CAN CONFIRM THEIR PARTICIPATION BY FEBRUARY 21st. To begin the registration process for the training, complete and send the Grassroots Advocacy Network application right away by fax (785-233-4804) or e-mail

Travel stipends will be available as needed to cover the cost of fuel and tolls for those driving to Topeka. Reimbursement will be available for dinner costs on March 12th for individuals staying over for Advocacy Day.

A breakfast event with legislators is being organized for training participants and other Legislative District Advocates at the Capitol on March 13th.

Separate Registration for Mental Health Advocacy Day on March 13th

Questions? Contact Rick Cagan at 785-233-0755 or e-mail

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