Child and Family Services: Individual, family, and group therapy are offered for children, adolescents, and their families, addressing issues such as problems in school, divorce, blended families, sexual abuse, child abuse, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and depressive disorders and other behavioral disorders. Also see COMMUNITY BASED SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS.

Home-Based Family Therapy: A therapist meets with the family in their home when there is risk that the child or adolescent could be placed of out of the home. The therapist works with the family to build strengths and coping abilities and to develop new skills to help the family stay together.

Divorce and Children’s Needs Workshop: This workshop is for divorcing parents. The instructor and parents discuss the stages of divorce, how to talk to children about divorce, and how to make visitation a positive experience.

Basic Parenting Workshop: This workshop is based on the National Extension Parent Education Model of Critical Parenting Practices and teaches six critical areas for effective parenting.

Adult Services: Individual, family, marital, and group therapy are offered for adults addressing issues such as aging, stress, anxiety, depression, grief, marital problems, domestic violence, women’s issues, anger management, pain management, crisis response and coping with tragedy. Also see COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES FOR ADULTS.

Court-Ordered Mediation Services: A trained mediator meets with the divorcing couple to assist them in working through issues related to their pending divorce to avoid the court taking over control in divorce related decision making.

Psychological Evaluations: Psychological evaluations are provided for private and court related matters such as Competency to Stand Trial, Guardianship, Conservatorship and Child Custody.

Law Enforcement Evaluations: Psychological evaluations performed on behalf of law enforcement agencies for the purpose of determining the suitability of candidates for employment as law enforcement officers.

Screening and Referral: Therapist provide screens for initial admissions to Nursing Facilities for Mental Health (NFMH), Pre-admission screens and resident review (PASSAR) for continued stay at NFMHs, Pre-admission screens for inpatient psychiatric hospitalization to State and private psychiatric hospitals and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF) for youth.

Parenting Classes for 2017 in Manhattan

Basic Parenting 2017 brochure

Pawnee Mental Health Services announces new dates and times for the Basic Parenting Workshop. The Basic Parenting Workshop covers a variety of topics fundamental to good parenting such as managing personal stress, understanding children and their development, establishing and maintaining reasonable limits, expressing affection and compassion, and teaching children about themselves, others and the world around them. Sessions are appropriate for parents of children of any age.

Basic Parenting is a six session workshop led by Kylee Anderson and Heidi Swanke.

To register or for more information about the Basic Parenting Workshop contact our Manhattan office at (785) 587-4350.



Announcing our 2017 Mental Health First Aid Classes

Mental Health First Aid is an eight hour certification course that trains participants to help people who may be experiencing a mental health problem or crisis.

You will learn:

  • Risk factors and warning signs of mental health and substance use disorders (depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosis and addiction disorders)
  • A five step action plan to help someone developing a mental health problem or crisis
  • Local resources to turn to for help (professional, peer, self-help)

  To register or for more information about Mental Health First Aid contact our office at (785) 587-4300.

Mental Health First Aid 2017 brochure