Thank You Westview Community Church

Thank you 2013Thank you to Westview Community Church for serving Pawnee Mental Health Services on their second annual “Inside-Out” day.  Instead of going inside to attend church on Sunday morning, September 8, they went outside to be church.  Their theme was “Choose to Live.”

Between Pawnee’s Claflin office and Hayes Drive office, nearly three dozen church members, including their senior pastor, Pat Bennett, did yard work for two hours on one of the hottest mornings of the year, such as trimming trees, pulling weeds, sweeping the parking lot and hauling away debris.   They also provided fall “deep cleaning” services for us, wiping down baseboards, door frames, and furniture in public areas and corridors.

Pawnee was only one of approximately 30 individuals and organizations who benefitted from Westview’s Sunday morning service to the community.  Thank you to Barb Bennett for organizing the “Inside-Out” day.  Thank you to Pastor Pat Bennett and the members of Westview Community Church, for “Choosing to Live” by serving the community in this way. 

Robbin Cole

Executive Director

Pawnee Mental Health Services

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