Alcohol or drug addiction is a progressive disease that will continue to get worse without intervention and treatment. Pawnee's Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Services program treats alcohol and drug addiction as a primary disease in which a holistic treatment approach must be used. An individual's mental state, physical condition, social environment, emotional and spiritual life are all considered when treating addiction.


The Kansas Client Placement Criteria (KCPC) is used to determine the appropriate level of treatment, whether that is social detox, outpatient (Level I), intensive outpatient (Level II) or inpatient (Level III). The KCPC is based on the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and includes six dimensions to define biopsychosocial severity: (1) potential for acute intoxication and/or withdrawal; (2) biomedical conditions and complications; (3) emotional/behavioral conditions or complications; (4) treatment acceptance/resistance; (5) relapse potential; and (6) recovery environment. The KCPC is available to Spanish-speaking individuals with the assistance of a translator. The description in Spanish is available on our Forms and Document page.


Alcohol and drug (A&D) evaluations are provided as ordered by the courts for substance related offenses such as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Minor in Possession (MIP). Employers sometimes recommend A&D evaluations when they have concerns related to employees' work performance. Alcohol and Drug Evaluations are available to Spanish-speaking individuals with the assistance of a translator. The description in Spanish is available on our Forms and Document page.


Outpatient individual, family, and group therapy services are offered for adolescents and adults. Intensive Outpatient (IOP) is also offered in Manhattan. Level I IOP requires a minimum of 9 hours/week. It is an appropriate step up in intensity from Level I outpatient and step down from Level III inpatient. Pawnee offers individual therapy and our DUI/DWI group treatment program in Spanish with the assistance of a translator.


ADIS is an 8 hour class designated to educate and inform adolescent participants on alcohol, drugs and tobacco. It is geared toward individuals in violation of Kansas Law related to drinking and driving, or other alcohol/drug violations. Individuals are typically court ordered for ADIS or it is recommended as a result of their A&D evaluation. Parents are welcome to attend.


This is predominantly a court ordered service which assesses anger expression and anger control. A Qualified Mental Health Practitioner (QMHP) uses the State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory (STAXI-2) and clinical interview to assess, diagnose and make appropriate referrals for treatment. An assessment for substance use and mental disorders is included in this evaluation. Anger Evaluations are available to Spanish-speaking individuals with the assistance of a translator.

This is a cognitive behavioral treatment group designed to provide effective anger management treatment for individuals who are court ordered or self-referred. The group employs a combination of cognitive, relaxation, and communication skills interventions. Individuals who are experiencing recurrent anger management problems within the context of a domestic relationship are not appropriate referrals.



The DV Assessment is most commonly court ordered as a result of a domestic related legal offense. It includes a comprehensive evaluation of an individual’s lethality, risk for danger, and potential for re-offense. The purpose for the assessment is to increase offender accountability and victim safety, and to determine an individual’s appropriateness for the Batterers Intervention Program. The DV assessment is administered only by members of our certified Batterers Intervention Program and it includes an evaluation for substance use and mental disorders. Domestic Violence Assessments are available to Spanish-speaking individuals with the assistance of a translator.

The Batterers Intervention Program, certified by the Kansas Attorney General’s Office, is 30-week program which advocates that battering is a choice of power, control and domination. It is designed to hold batterers accountable, create nonviolent behavior, evoke positive change in relationships and promote safety for victims. The program focuses on interrupting and avoiding/ending violence, and teaching the batterer to take complete responsibility for his or her actions. Individuals must complete a DV assessment prior to being admitted into the group.


Pawnee is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients.  If you would like to make a comment, complaint or compliment on any of the services you received from Pawnee Mental Health Services please contact our Quality Director at (785) 587-4300.

Pawnee está dedicado a proveer servicios espectaculares a nuestros clientes. Si se le gustaría hacer un comento, queja, o complemento sobre cualquier servicio que recibió de Pawnee Mental Health Services, favor de contactar a nuestra directora de calidad a (785) 587-4300.

Non-Discrimination Statement:

Pawnee Mental Health Services does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, disability, or any other status or condition protected by law.

Declaración de no discriminación:

Pawnee Mental Health Services no se discrimina a ninguna persona por motivos de raza, religión, color, genero, orientación sexual, edad, origen nacional, discapacidad, o cualquier estatus o condición protegido por el ley.


Ability to Pay Policy:

It is our policy to provide essential services regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.

Discounts are available to individuals without health insurance and are offered based upon poverty federal guidelines.


Principio de capacidad de pagar:

Es nuestra política proveer servicios esenciales a pesar de la capacidad del cliente a pagar. Descuentos están disponibles para individuos sin seguro médico y están ofrecidos basado en pautas de pobreza federales.