What is the Crisis Stabilization Center?

The Crisis Stabilization Center (CSC) provides a facility where individuals experiencing a
mental health crisis can voluntarily come to
obtain help versus going to the emergency room, jail,  or remaining untreated in their personal living environment.  For a 3D virtual tour follow this link.

What else should I know about Crisis Stabilization?
Follow this link for a listing of frequently asked questions.

Why does the Crisis Stabilization Center need additional support?
For many who may need to utilize the CSC there is no payer source.  Clients who have Medicaid will be fully covered. Clients with commercial insurance may have a copay/deductible and the insurance may not cover all services provided.  Clients with no insurance will most likely be charged on a sliding scale based on income.  Any expenses insured that a client or 3rd party payer doesn't cover is written off by Pawnee.  To ensure the viability of this facility it is important that we find ways to reduce expenses while not reducing the care that is provided to our clients.  

What kind of support does Pawnee need and how can I help? 
Follow this link for a list of CSC needs and ways in which you can help support our mission.