Crisis Stabilization Center FAQs
How do I contact the Crisis Stabilization Center?

The Crisis Stabilization Center can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  To contact us call (800) 609-2002 or (785) 587-4300 and select option #2.

Do I need to call ahead or can I just come to the Crisis Stabilization Center?
Anyone 18 years or older experiencing a mental health crisis can just come to the facilty. We are located at 1558 Hayes Drive, Manhattan, KS 66502. Come to the front door, press a buzzer and a Crisis Clinican will meet with you to help them decide what services would best fit your needs. 

What should I bring with me?
If you anticipate staying and/or being referred for hospitaliation, we recommend you bring three changes of clothes, minimal valuables, and your own medications in bottles if they have any.  If you do not have medications with you, we can often work with a local pharmacy to re-issue several days worth to get by or you can have a friend or family member bring them later on.


Will I see a psychiatrist every day like they do in the hospital?
No, however the CSC does have a medication provider who makes rounds every weekday morning and has additional availability during the day for new and established patients who may need a medication evaluation.

Can I leave? Can I leave and come back?
Yes! The CSC has a process for patients to sign in and out. Staying connected and engaged in life's activities is important and a critial difference between CSC and hospitalization.


I have a doctor's appointment/job interview/child's school play I need to get to.  Will I be able tto go while I'm staying there?
Yes, we will assist you in getting to and from essential activities that are important to your care.

What is I want to leave?
The doors are unlocked from the inside...everyone here is voluntary and here for their own recovery and astbilization. We will encourage you to do what is in the best interest of your health and safety. Of course, if you are emminantly dangerous to yourself or others, we wil have to let the authorities know, just like your outpatient provider would.

How much will this cost?
Clients with Medicaid will be fully covered. Clients with commercial insurance may have a copay/deductible for the therapy visits while here. Uninsured clients will likely qualify for a free or reduced rate.

How long can I stay?
Length of stay depends on how a person is doing and how they are progressing in the resolution of their crisis. Average length of stay is 3-5 days.