Community Based Services for Children and Adolescents

Pawnee offers a wide range of Community Based Services (CBS) for children and adolescents who meet specific state criteria for diagnosis with a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED). Individuals receive a variety of services in the home, at school and other places in the community as determined by their own treatment plan.

Case Management: Case managers assist the child and family in developing a treatment plan with goals and objectives to help the child maintain his/her residence in the community, help the family coordinate all aspects of the child’s care, help find resources for the child and family, engage with the child and family in various activities and interventions designed to help the child reach his/her goals and monitor the child’s progress.

Attendant Care: An Attendant Care provider spends time with a child or family at home and in the community to help them work on specific goals and activities such as chores, studies, and recreation as part of their plan to maintain his/her residence in the community.

Parent Support and Education: This program provides a support network for parents/caretakers of children and adolescents with SED. Parent Support workers assist parents and caretakers in better understanding children and adolescents with SED and how to best access resources within the community. They frequently plan family programs and activities.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation: This service is provided on an individual and group basis and provides more support than traditional office based outpatient services with more flexibility than hospital based inpatient care. It is intended to manage the effects of mental/emotional impairments which previously required hospital services. The individual receives assistance with improving social skills, problem solving skills, leisure time training and health and wellness.

School-Based Services: Staff work together with the child’s school to provide intensive services at the school. These services are provided as agreed by family, school, and Pawnee.